Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mega Man X Bosses

There's a pretty amusing College Humor video which parodies the exhaustive and often silly nature of the classic Mega Man bosses' names. I mean they've had everything from Wood Man, Tengu Man all the way to the more modern Sheep Man.

Yeah they went with Wood Man... he protects himself with leaves.

As right as it was to make fun of these, the Mega Man X series on the SNES really should answer for boss naming sins. I mean they've had such stinkers as Volt Catfish, Blizzard Buffalo and Flame Stag to name a few with the basic idea that you come up with the most disjointed {adjective/state}{animal} combo you can come up with and see which ones make you giggle. It's a good bit of fun and here's what Ben and I came up with.

Scream Panda
Thunder Crow
Pudgy Horse
Vibrate Koala
Buccaneer Mongoose
Disco Lion
Rotate Pig
Amnesty Fruitbat
Giant Swan
Bazooka Stoat
Rug Bee (hur hur hur)
Tactician Kangaroo
Behead Meerkat
Untidy Seal
Dusty Kipper

That's it, no pictures. Just bullshit. Try it yourself and tell us your best creations.

More articles coming soon. I do apologise I've been very busy as of late.