Monday, 6 April 2015

Karmafy: It's actually actually about ethics in the games industry.

Check out Karmafy here

Would you like to turn your gaming hobby into a charitable affair? Have you ever seen the Humble Indie Bundle? I love their work but sometimes I just don't want to buy any new games sometimes. But it does turn the act of selfishly buying new games into a charitable one.

How about Awesome Games Done Quick? That turns the indulgent act of watching other people play games into a charitable one. To a lesser extent, even this very blog that you are reading is trying to make a small contribution to mental health causes. I guess that covers peripheral gaming media.

What about playing the games you currently have...? No I don't mean buying new ones, we covered that already. I mean... can you buy anything in your favourite MMO where the money goes anywhere to make a difference to charities? Would you like it to. Then keep your eye on Karmafy.

Better still, what about the process of actually making and selling profitable games on mobile devices? Wouldn't you like to at least offer players an IAP where a specified percentage of the proceeds went to charity? Keep an eye on Karmafy.

It's for a good cause after all.


Will you just take a look at this tho?

The Language of Gamergate by Ben Winterton

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