Friday, 6 March 2015

Gaming Sniglets (Words that don't exist but should)

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, Sniglets are, as the title of this articles suggests, words that are perfectly functional but aren't currently in use due to them not existing. Wikipedia gives an excellent summary of them, so I thought I would share some of my own gaming related sniglets, or "griglets", if you will (I have stretched the definition of "word" a little here).


8 bittionaire- Games made in an 8 bit style that also have high production values.

Amiibeau- Using an Amiibo in place of a relationship with another human.

Auteurrorism- Gaming auteurs using past successes to justify terrible ideas.

Auto-slave- Constantly saving manually due to a game having infrequent auto-saves.

Block-Age- The knowledge that one lives in an epoch where every creative asset will eventually have a Lego game of it released.

Delorientation- When you play the first few hours of a game, don't touch it for months, then come back to it and don't have a clue what's going on.

Downloadable Comptent- DLC you only get for completion sake.

EyeP- Intellectual Properties linked to Neversoft.

Famous for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and...erm...

Free-to-pay- Games that charge you a huge amount of money whilst simultaneously being free.

Freload- When playing a team-based of co-op shooter, letting a team player do all the shooting to preserve one's own ammunition.

Invert-blame- Shifting a bad FPS performance from the player to the aim inversion, which has been set against the player's preference.

Merrio- Mario games hacked to make Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck the main character (none in existence at time of writing).

Metatron or?- Passive-aggressive loaded question that pushes a pro-"Zone of the Enders" agenda.

MOMRPG- MMO games aimed at mothers.

Portalso- Games that desperately mimic or reference Portal.

Rumbleback- Reminiscing about dated game peripherals ("Do you remember rumble packs?" "No")

Sagequit- Making the wise decision to stop playing just before getting angry with a game.

SighGN- Reluctantly relying on IGN as one's only source of gaming journalism.

Sixtyfoursome- The belief that the Nintendo 64 was the best video game console.

Smash Brews- Drinks served with good-natured games of Smash Bros.

Smash Bruise- Punches served with bad-natured games of Smash Bros.

Sonly Playstation- Only having access to a Playstation.

Slonely Playstation- The loneliness experienced by a person who formerly had a Playstation and then sold it.

Solecon- Buying extra controllers on the false belief that you will play games with other people.

Tekkentropy- The inevitable tendency for all fighting games to become crossovers with one another.

Thiefa- Football games that look and play like Fifa, but are not Fifa.

Wii You!- Exclamatory phrase shouted in anger at Nintendo when a gimmick is forced on people (e.g. "Can't turn the screen on the Wii U off? Wii You Reggie! Wii You and your Nintendog!")

Xboxing- Putting an outdated console into storage.

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