Friday, 16 January 2015

Rebuilding amid the Post-Christmas Landscape

Now we are well and truly into the New Year (2015) now is as good a time as any to look at how, in gaming terms, you should be approaching January. Whilst a lot of people like to use January to look ahead at what games they will be playing over the next year I find it is a good time to finish off any games from the last year after the initial post-Christmas excitement.

Of course, post-Christmas excitement is entirely dependent on Christmas being exciting. Regardless of your attitudes around Christmas if you live in the West it is likely that you have received some kind of present or presents. And it is also likely if you are a 103 reader you probably asked for or received something gaming related.

Let us not forget the endless hours of entertainment that "Sock Stratego" can provide

So, like a band of post-nuclear apocalypse survivors, let us look out at the landscape after the event and decide what the best course of action to take is, as well as deciding which of our friends we will eat first (I always do this at the start of the year anyway).

New Console

So you got a new console for Christmas, which proves beyond all doubt that your loved ones are worth keeping, if only as a long-term investment. A whole new world of games and technology awaits you. Whilst I personally did not get a console for Christmas (naming no names) I did buy a Wii U in the post-Christmas sales binge. The decision didn’t come lightly, as it was a close call between The Xbone and The Wuu, but with the help of the 103 Podcast Team I made the call on the Wii U.

I hope some people reading this also hit the new console. The most important thing to do at this stage is not to burn through all the current-gen releases you had been holding out for. There is nothing worse than waiting years for sequels only to beat them all in a week and be back to mediocre city.

"Anyone fancy a game of Zombi U? No? Oh. Oh."

New Games

So you didn’t get a completely new gaming platform? Not to worry, provided you got some new games to play on what you currently have. If you are one of those individuals who already has a current gen console or high-end gaming PC then you are probably enjoying the best of high-end gaming (assuming all the ridiculous game-breaking glitches have been patched and the servers aren’t too jammed).

Alternatively, you may have been letter-bombing Santa in the hope of getting a new console only to find some bargain copies of “Fallout 3” and “Fifa 2013”. In which case, you can definitely demolish the Steam sale, ideally gunning for something stupid like “Goat Simulator” or “Octodad: Dadliest Catch”.


Ah yes, the old Christmas standard. Assuming you got proper money, as opposed to fake money (i.e. gift vouchers) your options are pretty broad. One of the best directions I would suggest is investing in a quality board game, ideally one that has a lot of depth whilst also being very easy to pick up. Jak recently recommended the rather wonderful “Dominion”, which has the perfect combination of having basically 2 rules whilst also having the depth of SuperChess.

If you can’t stretch to a full-blown board game then there are at least a good few hours fun to be had in Adventure Time Top Trumps, if only because fighting over “The Duke of Nuts” never ceases to be hilarious.

*no caption necessary*

Bugger All

Got nothing for Christmas? At all? Really? God, you must be awful. Well, Jak’s Casual Picks are always worth blazing through. I think we can all agree “Treadmillsaurus Rex” is always good no matter what the year.


  1. We received Tokaido for Christmas and love it. It reminds me of 7 Wonders. Check it out!

  2. Is that the game where you take the role of a traveler in Japan? That game always did look so pretty.

    Oh by the way Carol, I'm not part of this glorious games industry also. I work for a company called Exient.


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