Monday, 19 January 2015

Casual Game Picks 7: Free Mobile Games

It's been a while since I've done one of these, possibly because I've been playing too many casual games (*cough* erm finishing my PhD thesis) to write them! These are all free and can be played on the phone and tablet.

If anyone remembers the great productivity crash of 2014 that was due to the popularity of 2048 and it's myriad clones (2048 itself is a sort of knock-off of Threes by the way, which I think is superior) then the latest 'one more go' survival puzzle game that I've come across is Just Get 10, which requires you to merge orthogonally contiguous groups (you'll know what I mean when you play it) of equally valued numbered cells to form one new cell with a '+1' value over the old cells. You want to try and keep doing this without running out of viable moves in order to get the highest value of an individual cell on your board as possible. Getting 10 might take you a few tries, but can you get 11? 12? Mildly addictive. Be warned.

See that number 1 tile on the bottom row? It's the bane of your life.

When is a match-3 game not a match-3 game? When it's a match-2 game! This minimalist looking number requires you to destroy a target number of dots of the target types in each level by connecting othogonally contiguous monochromatic monodirectional paths (just play it) in order to do so. Free to play follows the well known Candy Crush style pattern of failure and progression as well as offering many of the same sorts of in-app tension relievers that Candy Crush does in the form of extra moves and power-ups. A great alternative to all that candy themed sickliness and the music is infinitely more bearable too. 
Will you take a look at this? Charming.

You're most likely to have heard of this one. There's been ads for it all over the place and it's a fairly popular to boot. It's a massively multiplayer strategy game which is built to be accessible and competitive at the same time. At this point in the game's life cycle the team based multiplayer is there if you want it but you can also go it alone. It's got elements of town building/upgrade-y sim going for it too so even if you are getting raided all the time you'll still get to see your base grow and develop over time anyway. This one requires a little willingness to commit to it, but you won't spend too long on it during any given day either. Their pseudo-sequel Boom Beach is also out too if you fancy a less fantasy based theme.

You can also take part in the increasingly popular 'piss take' mode.
Another casual picks feature comes to a close. If you find yourself becoming addicted to a casual game on your phone, tablet of PC, please let us know! It'd be great to hear about it.

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