Thursday, 2 January 2014

Deck of Truth - 2014 Beta Rules

Mufassa knows his stuff.

Hey! Get a standard deck of playing cards and at least one other person to play with. This is... 

Deck of Truth! 


Players take turns drawing cards off the top of a shuffled deck of cards. When a player draws a card they get to direct personal questions to the other players according to the following instructions:
  • The suits matter in all that follows, any questions asked must relate to the theme corresponding to the key below:
    • Clubs        - Questions about conflict/arguments.
    • Diamonds - Questions about the future/plans. 
    • Spades     - Questions about the past/nostalgia.
    • Hearts      - Questions about love/romance.
  • If you flip over one of (2,3,4) then ask as many Yes or No questions' to individuals within the group as the value of the card drawn. You can distribute these however you like. You can even ask the same question 2-4 times to different people. Your choice.
  • If you draw any card from (5,6,7,8,9,10) then subtract 5 from the value of the card and first ask that many Yes and No type questions before then asking one open ended question to one person. (e.g. you draw a 7. You ask 2 Yes/No questions as in the previous bullet point and then ask one open ended question to one person.)
  • If you draw one of (J,Q,K), then you get to ask one person an open ended question and one follow-up question relating to their answer if you so wish.
  • If you draw an Ace, then the rest of the group gets to either individually ask you one Yes/No question each or collectively agree on one open ended question to ask you.
  • You can also include Joker cards in the deck. If you flip one of those you ask one open ended question that the entire group is capable of giving a substantive answer to and give everyone a chance to give their answer. 

This game is great for bringing people together. Obviously there are certain things which people may not feel comfortable revealing or talking about for all manner of reasons so please consider this. I designed this game for cool people to play together so further to the rules above:

  • Be cool or you're not allowed to take part.
Have fun!

by Jak Marshall

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