Saturday, 8 December 2012

Put that one there; the plague of backseat gaming

Games are a great way of testing you mentally. Obviously they're good for many other things, but I’m glad that we can all agree that most games are at the very least an intellectual challenge. However, most games offer a single-player challenge. Now, watching other people play video game is great, but the chances are the people you are watching don’t want your help.

To highlight my point, let’s take a quick look at Mr Tom Dransfield. Tom enjoys nothing more than spending his evening grinding away at some new challenge. I personally enjoy nothing more than telling him where he is going wrong. I can’t help it, I’m not saying I’m any more intelligent than he is (I am) but often when watching a game without the added stresses and tensions of playing the game, you tend to figure out the big picture slightly quicker.

You should totally turn right at the next puzzle block

Combine this with the obvious limitations caused my brain's inability to vocalise a solution any sooner than 1.5 seconds after I figure it out, my advice coming at the same moment Tom has figured out the problem for himself is a common occurrence; not to mention my advice will often consist of nothing more than the meaningless phrase “Push that one”.

What I’m saying is that I’m surprised I've yet to be punched in the face with an Xbox controller.

The first step is admitting that your have a problem

So if like me you can’t resist the challenge of a puzzling game, please just play it yourself and if you have to watch someone else playing video games, remember to give them the courtesy of your silence; nobody wants your advice, because not only does it ruin their fun, but your advice will often be late, useless or just plain wrong.

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