Monday, 13 August 2012

Jak's Minecraft Diary #2 - The Matrix Reloaded

It's been a long long while since my first Minecraft write-up but that's because there's been a major shake up in how the server I'm playing on operates.

Diary #002 - Reboot to the Law of Nature

During the third act of The Matrix there is a memorable scene where Agent Smith shares a monologue with a heavily drugged up Morpheus, where he talks about the a prototype Matrix in which the machines designed everything to be perfect so the humans would want for nothing. "It was a disaster" declares Smith, saying that the humans couldn't handle a life without pain and turmoil. As a result the machines tore down that version of reality to build the humdrum, truer to reality version of the Matrix that exists.

Morpheus never did get the hang of those pesky headphones.

A parallel to this tale occurred in NoomCraft, where originally it was the case that every user had psuedo-admin right that gave them the right to gift themselves with any amount of any type of item they pleased. be it gold, diamond or netherack. The world soon became a joyless place where crazy structures sprung up within minutes and no sense of achievement was to be had from building the highest towers or by surviving in the Nether when a full complement of diamond weapons and armour was but a mere command line input or two away.  

It was basically too easy to do this, amongst other things.
So with a swift reboot of the world there was a new addition to the Noomstitution...

The Noomstitution - 2012
  1. Thou Shalt Not Rob from Other Miners - (meridian)
  2. When Lodging in the House of Other Miners, Thou Shalt Not Leave the Doors Open (meridian)
  3.  No Griefing (meridian)
  4. Thou Shalt Not Let Mobs Follow Thee Home At Night (Jak)
  5. If Thou'st Allow'st a Creeper'st to Blow'st up'st the House of a Fellow Miner, Thou Shal'st Repair'st said House. (Jak) 
  6. Everyone Shalt Toil in the Field and the Mine for Every Little Thing (meridian)

So with that in mind the regular users (whose ranks have somewhat increased since last time) set about carving out a little slice of heaven for themselves the hard way with shovel, hoe, axe and pick. Soon an effort to create a full on kingdom was hatched by users meridian and nadir, who showed us all how it was done by building the world's first super castle near the spawn settlement area.

It was a doozy too, no shortcuts here!
 The above image was borrowed from the server's very own blog, which features some lovingly taken screenshots of some notable buildings so far.

With the castle built, many other users felt inadequate in its presence and began to populate its interior with small buildings, modest tree houses and in my case... a hideous water slide of a house. It seems that most of my more ambitious creative efforts are doomed to fail. As well as constructing my aquatic monstrosity...

I've managed to ignore the laws of optics to create an inverted rainbow. But the castle rules right?
So sulking in my little corner I decided that rather than fail on my own, I'd contribute to the overall kingdom feel to the server's ever burgeoning development. While the architects that brought you this castle were off building another mega structure, I decided to ask the community what use I could be in fleshing out the world that has been so lovingly crafted. Would I get to build a village? An agricultural vista of corn perhaps? 

I was asked to provide street lights to the main roads connected settlements. My dad used to be project manager overseeing the installation and maintenance of lamp posts in the North East of England. Now by some trick of fate I was fulfilling this role in a virtual world. Although this depressed me at first...

Something about this job feels very fulfilling to me
Hopefully in the next instalmnt of this feature I'll have been given a more satisfying role to fill. See you next time chumps and chumpettes!

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