Friday, 6 July 2012

Turn-based RPGS: Maybe I don’t want to be able to dodge attacks…

Gaming has trends. Nowadays that may mean sandbox FPSs with RPG elements and regenerating health, but in the early to mid 90s this meant platformers. Of course, when trends shift we often miss out on some of the gems we used to get as par for the course. 

Thank God for Meat Boy.

What is truly great about gaming at the moment is the multitude of platforms, and how this allows for just about any type of videogame. Of course, there are the super-high-budget mainstream releases (your ‘Mass Effect’s and ‘COD’s), but there are also your cheaper arcade games (such as ‘Amnesia’ or ‘Bastion’). Moreover, due to prevalence of smartphones and the like there are the “supercasual” games, such as ‘Cut the Rope’ and ‘Angry Birds’.

The above variety is fantastic, as it allows all kinds of gamers to play what they enjoy. The problem is that I’m not all kinds of gamers, and goddammit I want to play turn-based RPGs.

The death of the turn-based RPG was, to me at least, sudden and unfair. For me, most of these games were portable titles, such as ‘Golden Sun’, the re-release of ‘Breath of Fire II’, ‘Dragon Warrior Monsters’ and the ‘Pokemon’ games. These franchises absolutely nailed the formula.

And these weren’t unique examples. ‘Baiten Kaitos’ on the Gamecube is an underrated gem. When ‘Fire Emblem’ finally got a European release it did loads of cool stuff with the genre. Hell, even ‘Final Fantasy’ decided to have a decent combat system for one game when they made ‘Final Fantasy X’. If you haven’t played any of these, seek them out because they are prime examples of a genre crafted to perfection. Only when you’ve played them will I listen to the pro-Final Fantasy hate mail.

For more evidence of why this game sucks, look literally anywhere.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one these sorts of games appeal to. I know people generally prefer a more dynamic combat system nowadays, but I’m sure there are enough of us out there that can justify developers making these sorts of games.

That said, if people do know of any modern turn-based gems please say so in the comments. I have a fever, and the only cure is repetitive battle animations

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  1. Eternal Sonata, not 100% turn based but still the best I've seen in years.


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