Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Moment of Divine Chinspiration - 'Face' the new gaming challenge!

I am part of a regular-ish gaming group consisting of about eight or so people. We love ourselves a bit of a multiplayer contest but after playing any one particular game for a long enough time one of two situations arise. Either one or two of us emerge as some kind of demigod like champion that nobody can reliably defeat which gets old fast for the group. The other alternative is that the game itself has such a low skill ceiling that the margin for victory is so slim that each game feels more like a prize draw than a real fight. I don't know why I'm giving all this reasoning for what I'm about to share because I sure as hell didn't think it through this much when I came up with it. So here it is: Use chins on Analog sticks instead of hands. 

Famous Celebrity Chins #1 - 'Rachel' from How I Met Your Mother
 Well there I said it. But don't knock it til you've tried it and I recommend you start small. I was inspired by the never chosen 'Doctor Says' game in Wario Ware: Minigame Madness in which a crazy Doctor will demand the players add extra stupid conditions to their gameplay as they go along. Since the games in Wario Ware are so short and sweet that it wouldn't be a massive stretch for people to operate the analog stick with their chins being the only part of the body in direct contact with the stick. Please bear in mind that it is completely fine to move the controller with the hands and keep the chin fixed. This is the standard 'Chin Pivot' technique.

A lot better than moving your chin with your hands. 
Oh and if you start playing first person shooters with chins it is infinitely more fun and stupid to insist on making your chin work double shifts on both analog sticks to move and aim. Make it one shot kills for a tense race to 10 or play regularly and enjoy the pathetic scenes of combat that ensue. Also mandatory are chin puns at every turn. Winners must declare themselves 'chinvincibile' and amazing feats of 'chingenuity' must be declared 'chincredible'. Happy chinning!

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