Friday, 16 December 2011

Lancaster's E-Sports Group

The Lancaster University E-Sports Society Group hosted their first public drop-in and game session on the 7th December 2011 (last week at time of writing) in the newly refurbished Bowland college bar on the Lancaster University campus. This energetic and promising new society took over the social area of the bar and... well just look what they did!  
The new bar sports: Dominoes and darts had better up their game.

Now I do fancy myself as a pretty good gamer but when it comes to multi-player gaming I'm of the mind that I prefer to either know my opponents personally (winning or losing against a snot nosed ten year old from Wisconsin isn't my idea of fun) or at least be able to see have them in the same room as me so it can still be a fun social event if I'm outclassing or outclassed. The above picture is evidence that these guys know how to compete in a fun way. These guys aren't locked away in some forgotten seminar room wishing they had girlfriends nor do they engage in the kind of frattish cocking about that befits the stereotypical competitive PC gamer. They're a nice bunch as well as being a bit pro. You can be both!

Anyway, these guys had themselves a little bit of a Starcraft tournament and this is how it turned out.

Seems like The Terran race reign supreme in Lancaster. Congrats to Tim Seabrook!

This is just the tip of the iceberg as well by the way. I'm expecting that the replays from all of the above matches to go live (with commentary) on their group page any time soon. Also, they are currently pursuing circuit competitions in not just Starcraft but a whole plethora of other e-sports games to boot. There are matches suitable for the whole range of skill levels.

I'd re-iterate that you will find, as I have, that this group are very well organised and are making impressive efforts to make group gaming a more open and accessible experience without losing their competitive edge because after all, what's a multiplayer game with nobody to play it with?

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  1. Unusual that Protos didn't make their way into the semi-finals...


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