Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Co-operative Gaming! -- Co-operatively Written? (Ben and Jak)

Okay, this is a little experiment whereby two writers co-operate to compose an entire article, one sentence at a time, with writers alternating turns. To make things even more confusing, Ben and I are writing this co-op article all about the subject of 'co-op gaming'. I will be Mr. Blue and Ben will be Mr. Red. Enjoy!

"Ben and I recently played through Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp's sidescrolling slash 'em up "Castle Crashers" and found it to be an awesome co-op gaming experience"
"Despite having run the game several times, it's still one of my favourites to play co-op, especially with people who have never played it before"
"Yes, there is a levelling up system and plenty of unlockables, but the game's real replay attraction for me was the amount of memorable (and often humourous) moments/little touches that make the game ooze with character and sheer fun." 
"One of my personal favourite moments was Jak's increasing disgust at the number of defecating animals in the "Thieves' Forest" level; something unexpected, given how much the man praises "Conker's Bad Fur Day"
"The crapping animals weren't a high point for me, neither were the 'just for banter' end of stage battles between players where the prize was the right to make out with the princesses we'd been tasked with saving, although that's probably because I lost those each and every single time"
"When it comes to winning the affections of fictional princesses, I have no pity."

"After a giving the game a good thrashing and kissing no princesses whatsoever, I came to realise that co-op campaigns are one of the best ways to have a good time gaming"
"If you play through a game solo, there is a limited number of experiences you can have; whereas, if you play co-op, these experiences are almost endless, as you get both your own perspective and that of the person (or people) you are playing with"
"...and when you finally manage to accomplish challenges on your own, rather than celebrating on your own with nothing more than an achievement for company, you get an instant share in a larger glory with the people you've just won with"

"It's an aspect of gaming that seems to have been somewhat abused of late, with focus more on online gameplay than face-to-face co-op being offered by modern gaming"
There is some hope that the developments in motion controlled games will bring gaming back to living rooms, but at the moment these games seem to be limited to 'gimmick' type sports and dance games.
" there is a huge potential for co-op motion control, provided that it is implemented properly."
"We want more shared experiences and novel ideas of the kind offered by Castle Crashers, but we'd also like to dance around like idiots while we do so that's all."
"Game developers have come close to mastering single-player and versus modes; the advent of new technology could be the saving grace for such a woefully underused feature of gaming."

"I've been writing 103% since late last summer and this experimental co-op effort has insofar been one of the most fun articles to write."
"Likewise; I hope it's been as fun to read as it has been to write."
"If nothing else, we've at least proved our own point to ourselves ."

***As a final aside, if anybody out there feels up for co-writing an article for 103% with me on a given topic, please express an interest by commenting below or some other clever means of doing so.

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