Sunday, 7 November 2010

Rapid Knowledge Acquisition Games

The following words will become very important words in your life: Sporcle and Anki. They are both quiz functions of some kind.

Sporcle describes itself as a collection of 'mentally stimulating diversions' and that is precisely what you get. You can do quizzes supported by text, audio and video (same with Anki) and do it all online without the need to spend any money or even go anywhere. The results of each quiz are saved on a profile should you register, and I do recommend that you do, so that you can revisit previously attempted quizzes. You can rote learn a variety of lists and information pockets very efficiently this way should these be Kings and Queens of England, 
Oscar award winners of the Noughties or, more crucially, the names of all of the first generation Water Pokemon..

Pokemon - Red Version

Just because this paragraph is shorter does not mean that Anki does not require your immediate attention, especially you students out there, because it allows you to create your own flash cards (and download decks of pre-made cards in an amazing array of subjects) so that you can learn very specific information about a variety of things very efficiently. You can learn Korean on the bus to work. You can develop a greater understanding of the human anatomy in between Facebook/Twitter sessions and you can do this all for free so do it now all you ignorant fiends out there!

From an array of exciting quiz resources available, the first reason these two brands stand out to me is that they are both heavily customisable. The second is that there are both very well supported by a swarm of other quiz hungry users. If any of you know of any more quiz resources that are worth a look then I would personally appreciate any links!