Sunday, 3 October 2010

Square Logic + Your Tunes = Puzzle Music Mong Fest

I think I'll also tag this post as a Time-Sink special too just because I've played Everyday Genius: Square Logic for a cumulative total of 12 hours according to Steam and I've barely made a dent in the amount of content this game has to offer and all this for less than a measly couple of squid.

If you've ever come across a puzzle called KenKen you'll know what kind of thing you're in for but Square Logic goes further than KenKen ever does and throws all kinds of madness at you whether it be solving two puzzles with the same solution simultaneously, putting comparison '<' symbols between certain cells in a given grid or having the gall to ask you to figure out where the puzzles 'cages' even are in the first place using your already heavily tested logical circuits to a greater extent and just when you think you've got a grip on all the gameplay mechanics the game has on offer, it throws a few more in and makes the puzzles even bigger. Soon you find that individual puzzles can be campaigns in their own right and miraculously this remains to be very fun.

To make the experience truly euphoric... add your fave tunes to the mix by muting the game's pleasant music and sound effects and catch up on some albums! I've managed to get through most of the Radiohead discography, got into Scroobius Pip in a big way and cracked out a bit of Outkast and Gorillaz for good measure and I've never enjoyed my music so much. Give it a try and see if you agree. If you don't then it's your loss because this is awesome.

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