Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bunny Flags -- This is a Must-Play Game!

You have to play Bunny Flags because it is truly excellent. It does everything I asked it to do in my head without my having to ask for it. Tower Defense games don't give you enough agency and you don't feel in direct control of anything so Bunny Flags puts you as the main character with a gun so you can actually shoot stuff yourself. Don't like the capture the flag aspect of Tower Defense Games? Then introduce levels where the only goal is to survive and turn it into an arena shooter of sorts. Don't like level grinding? Hell, Bunny Flags not only allows you to increase the difficulty but encourages you as a player to do so with a sliding scale of medals that award bonus exp when you achieve them? Did I mention there was exp? Well there is and there's a whole ruddy skills tree with three main character types depending on your chosen play style.

The game looks and sounds awesome and will keep you playing for hours. Everybody will find this fun if they give it a chance.

Verdict 5/5 -- Perfect Casual Gaming Mayhem suitable for players of all skill levels and ages.

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