Saturday, 21 August 2010

Game Glitches by Ben Winterton

I've asked a fellow gamer nerd Ben W to come up with a list of glitches that appear in games. Enjoy!

First off, we have the bird people from Red Dead Redemption that just seems to be a part of the game. I've never played it, but I've seen videos and it makes me laugh. Basically the game has mapping problems, so it attempts to map people models onto animals, with naturally hilarious results.

Backwards long jumping is a method in Super Mario 64 that allows you to finish the game with only 16 stars, as you move backwards up sets of stairs so fast it jumps you through the game's star doors. It's hard to do, and for a while me and my mates used the phrase "backwards long-jumping" as parlance for impossible.

Missingno is a 'pokemon' that can be summoned in the original GB Pokemon games by using the HM Fly move to land on the shores of the Cinnibad and Surf around the coastline and with any luck the missingno will appear as a skyscraper like apparition of pixels and basically has the potential to really mess up your save file and has an odd side effect that if you encounter him it maxes out an item in your inventory to x99 amount so became commonly known as the Rare Candy Cheat. Missingno has since become a small part of the Pokemon fanverse but I have so far not heard of any official endorsements.  

The "swordless link" glitch involves fighting Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time, and saving and quitting after he knocks your sword out of your hand. I like this glitch cos it simply screws up your game irrevocably. You can't get it back, it's that simple. 

But the Ben's favourite tour de force of the Glitch-o-verse follows...

Big Rigs is truly something special. It's billed as a racing game with HGVs, basically. It was developed by a Russian games company and was rush-released. It suffers from several problems. First off, your opponent never leaves the starting grid. Ever. It's impossible to lose. They did eventually release a patch that meant the opponents raced, but they always stopped before the finishing line, thus still making it impossible to lose.

Secondly, there is no hit all. No obstacle has any texture. Things appear to, but if you fail to swerve round a house you simply plough through it. This even occurs wirh bridges, where you fall through them and come up on the other side. Furthermore, at the edge of courses there is no edge, so you can just ride straight into the void, an endless grey expanse.

There are also some problems with the rig you drive yourself
(naturally). Whilst it does have reasonable forward acceleration and top
speed, when put in reverse you have no top speed, you just keep
accelerating endlessly, even if you are going up a vertical slope.

There are other issues, like the tracks, of which there are only 5; one
is just a mirror of another, and one causes the game to crash. My
favourite aspect though is when you, despite the games best efforts
finish and win a race. The only acknowledgement you get is a picture of a
three-handled cup and the immortal phrase "YOU'RE WINNER!". I think it
sums up glitches in general quite well.

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